Vysoká škola ekonómie a manažmentu verejnej správy v Bratislave

Ongoing admission procedure

Ongoing admission procedure

Submission Deadlines for Applications:

- until 31. 08. 2020

Bachelor Study Application Form 

Master Study Application Form 

Recognition of documents verifying a completed secondary education

For students applying for Bachelor study

Every applicant who has successfully completed his secondary education abroad is obliged to submit a special confirmation (NOSTRIFICATION) of equivalence of the documents obtained abroad.  
This nostrification is issued by the district authorities in specific residences of districts of the Slovak republic that correspond either to the place of residence of the applicant, or the place of residence of the relevant university.
District Authority in Bratislava - Section for Education:  +421 2 492 078 06
 An application for nostrification of documents includes, according to §36 of the Act:
1. name and surname of the applicant
2. address of permanent or temporary residence
3. subject matter of the application
4. title and address of a certified high school which has issued documents of education
5. year of completion of studies
6. signature of the applicant
Along with the application, the following documents are also submitted, according to §36, article 1 and 2 of the Act:
1. copy of proof of identification
2. certified copy of the document of completed education, officially translated into the Slovak language
3. summary of completed subjects and examinations, officially translated into the Slovak language
4. confirmation from a certified high school concerning the extent of applied teachings, if the application concerns secondary
5. verification of the authenticity of signatures and schools stamps on the document of completed education, issued by the relevant body in the state of origin (apostille)
6. proof of payment of fee
The applicant is obliged to submit a translated version of all documents into the Slovak language.

For students applying for Master study

SEMPA may decide on recognition of a bachelor diploma issued by a foreign university only if the study programme in the study field is the same or related to the study programmes in the study fields carried out at SEMPA: Economics and Enterprise Management. The recognition procedure depends on a status of country, where the Bachelor diploma was issued according to the Act No./ Coll.

Please check these procedures and follow the step-by-step process included in these files:

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